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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I report a bug or make a suggestion for improving GeoZooom!?
Send us email, complete our feedback form, or tap the “Help & Support” button on the app’s Settings screen.  Before reporting a bug, please check the other questions and answers on this page.
How do I find a location in order to complete a mission?
The best way to answer this question is with an example.  Let’s assume your mission is to find Florida (a US State).  Your goal is to adjust the map so that Florida fills more than half of the crosshairs area (in the center of map).  Pan or scroll the map by dragging it with one finger.  Zoom in by double-tapping or by moving two fingers apart. Zoom out by tapping with two fingers or by pinching two fingers together.

For Florida, you will want to double-tap its location on the map a few times to move toward it while zooming in.  After you have centered and zoomed in on the correct location, GeoZooom! will display your elapsed time and prompt you to begin a new mission.
What if I don't know where to go?
GeoZooom! helps you find a location in several ways: 
  • After each adjustment to the map, GeoZooom! tells you if you are getting warmer (closer) or colder (farther) from your destination.
  • You can tap the “Hint” button to move closer to your destination.  Sometimes GeoZooom! will also display a textual hint such as “On the Mediterranean Sea near Italy.”  You can tap the “Hint” button more than once, but each use will cause a 20 second penalty to be added to your time.
  • You can tap the Pause button and then tap “Skip This Mission” to postpone a particular mission.
Will you make a version of GeoZooom! for Android-based devices?
This is something we will consider based on feedback from customers and potential customers.  Drop us a note!
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