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GeoZooom! is an educational geography game from Pearl Crescent that helps you learn where countries, cities, and other places are located.

Your goal is to complete a series of missions as quickly as possible.  Each mission challenges you to find a location on a map such as the capital of Texas or the African country of Rwanda.  The app provides feedback to tell you if you are getting warmer (closer) or colder (farther away).

GeoZooom! is available in two editions:

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iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.
iOS 13 or newer.
Internet connection
    (for loading maps).

  $1.99 USD

Download on the App Store

Features of the free edition:
  • Includes the complete US States mission set as well as previews of 5 other mission sets (more than 90 missions in all).
  • Expandable.  The following mission sets are available for purchase from within the app:  US State Capitals, Countries of the Americas, African Countries, Asian Countries, and European Countries.  A bundle that includes all of the mission sets is also available for purchase.
  • Tracks your best times for each mission.
  • Provides a hint feature which moves you closer to the target location and often provides helpful text.
The GeoZooom! Bundle edition includes all of the missions that are available for purchase within the free edition.

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